Writings Page

Here you can find some of the things I've written in the past. For my academic research work, see my projects page and my LinkedIn profile.

Most of these have come about as a result of some school assignment or other.

Some of my musings that came about as a result of reading Letter to a Christian Nation, which espouses a worldview quite different from my own and was written by an atheist who hopes to see all religion abolished.
Universal Moral Standards

A couple documents from a cognitive science course I took in 2006.
Analysis of Searle's Chinese Room Thought Experiment
Connectionism vs. Symbolic Architecture (Term Paper)

Some forum discussions that I participated in during a hybrid (online/on-campus) physiological psychology class in 2005. Some of my better-thought-out arguments are found buried in these posts, if I do say so myself.
Creation vs Evolution Discussion Thread 1
Creation vs Evolution Discussion Thread 1
Stem Cell Research Discussion Thread 1
Stem Cell Research Discussion Thread 2

English Composition - Not my favorite class, but it forced me to write in some ways I probably wouldn't have previously touched with a ten-foot pole.
Riding the Rollercoaster
Kids - Today's or Yesterday's (Comparing two versions of Cheaper by the Dozen)
Peremptory Strikes and Picking a Jury (Research Paper)

There were a couple things I wrote before that may be worth posting, though the quality of writing drops off steeply looking back much farther.